12 Online Frauds of Christmas

Hi all please check out this link from West Midlands police on the 12 online frauds for Christmas to be aware of, if you are unfortunate of becoming a victim of fraud please report it at once.
You can do this by visiting Action Fraud the UK’s national fraud reporting centre, http://www.actionfraud.police.uk or call them on 0300 123 2040, and be sure to keep your virus software up to date.



St Paul’s AGM

We are having our AGM on Tuesday 5th November 2013 7:30pm at St Paul’s Community & Learning Centre Hawbush Road Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 3NL, everyone welcome to come along.

Community First Funding

 Community and voluntary groups are being encouraged to take part in a £4,000 ‘give away’ in Brierley Hill.  
Brierley Hill Community First panel contact Tim Sunter said:
“£4,000 has been made available for community activities in the Brierley Hill ward.  We are looking for community and voluntary groups to come up with ideas of how they could spend between £750 and £1000 to improve the lives of local residents.
“We will then hold a public meeting on 19th November where applicants can put their case for funding to local residents who will then vote on which projects to support.
“£4,000 has been earmarked for this ‘participatory budgeting process’.  We’re really keen to reach out to new groups and involve more people in our work.”
Community First is a nationwide government scheme aimed at supporting volunteers and social enterprise to make a difference in their community, and applications will need to meet its funding criteria.
“Already grants have been given for a wide range of projects – from community gardens, through dancing for young people, exercise and counselling for the elderly to support for the scouts in the area.  The key is that schemes make a difference to people’s lives locally.”
Residents or groups with ideas can find out more on how to apply on the Community First website: www.communityfirst.brierleyhill.org
other links to visit concerning the Community First Funfing

St Paul’s Heating

Hi we have now had our new eco heating controller installed to our existing heating, we are now back up and running properly and we should be more efficient and have no more wast on our fuel cost, because it is a remote management system we can monitor it and see how we are doing at anytime from any ware by remote access.

Bank Scam

Police officers and genuine bank officials will never phone and ask you to divulge PIN numbers over the phone or send couriers round to collect cards…this is the reminder we are issuing after officers across the country have seen examples where scammers claim a person’s bank account has been hacked.
The bogus bank official will then advise you to hang-up and phone the number on the back of their card. However, because the fraudsters don’t themselves hang up, the victim is unwittingly still on the line to them rather than their starting a fresh conversation with their bank.

They are then asked to hand over PIN numbers, either verbally or by keying them into the handset, and are told a courier will arrive to collect their cards. And of course armed with the cards and PIN the account is at their mercy.

These calls are all being made to elderly, vulnerable residents – the types of people the offenders believe are more likely to fall for their scheme or that they can confuse into handing over bank details.
We would therefore ask that you help us by sharing this safety message with elderly friends and family members.

Our advice is always to be wary of unsolicited callers, whether on the phone or in person. If in doubt, hang-up or close the door…and call police.

Anyone who believes they’ve been targeted by fraudsters should call police on 101 or if a crime is in progress dial 999.
Thank you from
St Paul’s

eco heating

We are looking forward to having our central heating upgraded this week so it will be more eco efficient, it is a remote management system that is being installed to our existing heating, so we can reduce our fuel costs and the carbon emissions.
This means that when we have clients wishing to hire our venue though the cold winter months we can remotely put the heating times on & off from anywhere by remote access so there will be no more waste.

Digital Dudley

I’d would like to thank Lorna & Melissa of the social media surgery for all there help they have done for me, and I am over the moon with what you have wrote about me on the Digital Dudley site very nice of you.
I would like to come back to your social media surgery again but I don’t think I can learn anything else, but I would like to come and offer my help if that is alright with you.



Hawbush open day

Good turn out for the Hawbush open day at St Paul’s today, which was held by The West Midlands Police and also in attendance was Dog Rescue, Health Watch, Road Safety, also West Midlands Fire Service & Bike security marking by the Police.



West Midlands Police open day

West Midlands Police are having a open day Wednesday 14th August 11:00 to 13:30 at St Paul’s Community & Learning Centre in Hawbush Rd, come along and join in all welcome.

PACT Meeting

Upcoming PACT meeting on Thursday 1st August 2013 6:00pm at St Paul’s Community & Learning Centre Hawbush rd Brierley Hill everyone is welcome.